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At Sunshine Pool & Leaks Stoppers, we take pride in being the #1 South Florida’s leading pool leak detection & repair company. We specialize in Leak detection for pools with the most advanced water leak detection technology that you have ever seen in the industry. As well, our professional staff always takes care of the details, because our goal also is to give you a great customer service experience guaranteeing your satisfaction. All our professional staff is knowledgeable is the latest repair techniques to fix any issue that your pool might have after any pool leak is detected.

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Why Our Pool Leak Detection & Pool Repairs is Different?

As professionals in the industry, we use electronic leak detection equipment together with our specialized staff who are extremely trained to fix your pool with the highest standards of attention and knowledge comparable to other companies. Our customers are always talking good things about us and we take pride of this, see our great reviews.

Pool Leak Detection in Miami

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You probably might notice that the pool water level is going down. This is the moment when you think something like: My pool is leaking. To make a quick analysis of this is the case, you can try to use the bucket test or you can call our swimming pool leak detection technicians to give you a quick estimate once they detect a pool leak.

Miami Pool Leak Repair

Once you or our team detect a pool leak you will need to take care of the issue ASAP because a small leak can turn in to a huge leak if you leave pass more time without fixing the issue. Also, you need to consider that you’re wasting money on the water bill when your pool has a leak.

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